A Poem for My Friend


This poem I wrote on an airplane, in tears, after just finding out that my close friend was killed in a hit-and-run accident. For more on the grieving of this experience, read this post.



Pondering the stars
Strumming your guitar
We heard a piece of you

Contemplating deep concepts
And theological precepts
We saw a piece of you

Writing, sitting, and thinking
And drinking – the coffee you loved
Or some books beloved

A heart that cared
A mind that dared
A piece of you

Your laugh contagious
Your dreams courageous
Your jokes outrageous
All things that made us
See a piece of you

Always a mystery
Something to be missed for me
A loss to see you leave

But your future was secured
All your questions answered

As you stand before our Savior
And all your sins are paid for
Nothing left to crave for

Friend, you are complete
Every piece of you.